Services for Children

The Dyscovery Centre provides assessment and intervention services for children and young people with a range of developmental disorders. These are tailored to the needs of the individual after information is gathered initially through questionnaires.

If you would like to come to the Centre for an assessment or consultation these are the stages:

Stage 1: Complete the questionnaires and return to the Centre with referral fee of £95.

Stage 2: A call will be made to you to discuss how we can help to tailor our services to you.

Stage 3: If appropriate, an appointment will be made for an assessment at the Centre.

Stage 4: Tailored assessment at the Centre.

Stage 5: Report and guidance provided.

Stage 6: Follow up/on-going support where appropriate.

We can also help with advice and guidance (e.g. study skills, preparing for examinations; managing transition; help with independent and social skills, preparing for the workplace, planning for a move to college or university).

To request an information pack please email: or call us on (+44) 01443 654799.