Recruitment Questions: What makes people with ADHD great at work?

March 31, 2017

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are not confined to childhood. For some people the symptoms get better with age but for many others, restlessness and difficulties to focus their attention stay with them through adolescence and adulthood. ADHD can make work life difficult for many people – struggling to sit still and concentrate for a long period, procrastinating, missing deadlines, forgetting tasks, thoughts trailing off to something else… ADHD and ADD in adulthood can take many different forms. However, most people succeed at work despite these additional difficulties.

Let your ideas shine!

In fact, people with ADHD or ADD may carry traits that enable them to outshine their colleagues and excel at what you do! For example, many people with attentional problems and their families say they are good at

  • Problem solving – creativity, finding long-term solutions, seeing the whole picture
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Compassion – unconditional love, recognising outsiders
  • Sense of humour – can make themselves and others laugh, don’t take things too seriously, lighten the mood
  • Perseverance – determination to overcome boundaries and challenges
  • Keen memory and sense of observation – noticing the details that others miss
  • Multitasking – managing confusing or chaotic situations by shifting their attention quickly from one thing to the other
  • Hyper-focus – when the task is engaging and new and they enjoy it
  • Endless energy
  • Zeal for life – enjoying life and being happy, noticing beauty in little things
  • Acceptance – they know how it feels to be different and are accepting towards others
  • Having a strong moral compass and they often will not stand for unfairness and fight for themselves as well as for others
  • Overcoming obstacles – having encountered many difficulties throughout their lives, often due to the ADHD or ADD, people learn how to keep going, have many resources to solve problems, can find new ways to achieve something and have the resilience to keep working towards their goals

And this isn’t all! Have a look at this list of 151 positive sides of ADHD if you need a pick-me-up.

Recently, more and more celebrities have also gone public with their attentional difficulties. This includes the Olympic athletes Simone Biles and Michael Phelps, as well as Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Media and multi-billionaire, TV celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and actors and singers Howie Mandel, Jim Carrey, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, and the list goes on and on

Celebrities with ADHD Celebrities with ADHD Celebrities with ADHD Celebrities with ADHD Celebrities with ADHD

This just goes to show that attentional difficulties do not need to hold you back. Use the fantastic abilities of your brain to be creative, have great ideas, stay energetic, and keep working towards your goals!

The Dyscovery Centre offers workplace assessments and support to adjust your workplace to your needs. We can also offer support and counselling if you are looking for work, want to develop your skills or need general advice on how a learning difficulty can affect your working life.

This is an ongoing series of how developmental difficulties can affect working life and how to tackle them. Look out for the next article!

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