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Recruitment Questions: Job Seeking and Career Changes

October 4, 2017

Finding a job is hard. Deciding that your current work or workplace need change is difficult. For everyone. But people with developmental difficulties can find these challenges even harder than others. Not only the application process poses many difficulties, such as writing a CV or statement of motivation, interviews or assessments – it is often already hard to identify a job you and skills fit into well. The following tips, strategies and resources may be helpful in navigating the complicated field of looking for jobs, making a career change and finding work.

The Welsh Autism Show

August 1, 2017

The Dyscovery Centre will be one of the exhibitors at the Welsh Autism Show in Cardiff on the 28th of September 2017.

Recruitment Questions: Why Microsoft hires People with Autism

February 10, 2017

Microsoft and other big employers such as the American firms Freddie Mac and Walgreens, and the German company SAP have started to specifically hire people with autism. Why? Because many autistic traits are exactly what employers often seek but cannot find: Where other people may get distracted by their phone at work, or arrive late, or take extended lunch breaks; people with autism are often very meticulous and hard-working – attention to detail and the desire to finish a project perfectly can lead to great results in the workplace.

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