The team can support individuals who may have difficulties with co-ordination, social and communication difficulties, sensory issues, reading and spelling, organisation and concentration.  

The interventions aim to promote confidence for learning, as well as developing skills and strategies in the areas of concern.  

Intervention can cover areas previously described in the assessment information. In order for the Dyscovery Centre to provide intervention options that are tailored and relevant to the individual or family, background information is required.   

If you have had an assessment with us before then please contact us to discuss your needs. If this assessment was some time ago, we may need updated information.  

If you haven’t had an assessment with us previously, please complete an information pack and return to the Centre with the referral fee. 

Sensory interventions  

 We offer interventions for people who struggle with the sensory demands of a busy world. For more information, please contact us.