Placement Opportunities

We offer placements to undergraduate students from the School of Psychology and Therapeutic Studies at the University of South Wales through the Psychology Plus scheme. 

In previous years, placements have been divided into a research placement and a clinical placement but we are now offering a combined placement to give a holistic view of all the work we do at the Dyscovery Centre. 

Students will receive an introduction to the Centre and learn about the complex clinical referral system and types of assessments we offer. Students will also be able to get some hands-on experience using some our assessment tools on another student as well as gain some knowledge about the types of resources and advice we offer to families, schools, employers. Students will also get the opportunity to have experience of research in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders, including a chance to learn research-relevant skills and gain practical research experience on real ongoing grant applications and projects. 

 If you are interested in a placement with us, then please email:  

Natalie Owens 

Elizabeth Pugh 

If your placement goes well, there will be opportunities in the future to apply for a more advanced placement in which you will have the opportunity to be involved more directly with clients or research in the Centre. 

 The more advanced placements are developed to meet the needs of our clients, but as an example, students this year have had the opportunity to shadow the clinical assistants and support clinicians during assessments; support the Occupational Therapist deliver intervention sessions to clients; deliver Lego Based Therapy to clients. 

If you have attended our introductory placements and would like more information about continuing your student experience with us then please contact Natalie or Elizabeth on the email addresses above. 

Student Feedback 

“It was a very valuable experience for me as I could use my knowledge and skills for a real project and I could see how our work can be used and learn about the real projects.” 

“Gained a lot of valuable skills, and gave me the opportunity to practice presentation skills.” 

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I felt that I improved in my ability of reading journals and more confident in independent learning.” 

“Improved my research skills; gave me the chance to explore a new topic; it helped me realise my weaknesses and strengths in terms of delivery.” 

“Lovely staff; interesting research.” 

“…after the presentation I felt that I accomplished something and I was proud of myself as it felt challenging at times.”